tiger's eye bracelet with sterling silver clasp

Tiger Eye Bracelet | Brown Natural Stone Jewelry | Minimalist Bracelet for Women, Men

  • $ 2900

This natural crystal bracelet features genuine Tiger's Eye gemstones. The stones have beautiful swirls of golden brown hues. Each stone has a unique, organic beauty. This bracelet is perfect on its own, or as a layering bracelet with others.

At checkout, choose a silver or gold clasp for your bracelet.

In metaphysical realms, Tiger's Eye is prized as a grounding crystal that promotes clarity for the wearer. It's an excellent aid for accomplishing goals and manifesting inner resources. Tiger's Eye is believed to aid in recognizing one's talents, while also helping to see areas for improvement. It's thought to sharpen awareness, allowing the wearer to see themselves and the world with increased clarity.


• I custom make bracelets to fit you. Please leave a note at checkout with your desired bracelet length in inches. If you're not sure of the best bracelet length, please add .5 inch to your snug wrist measurement. For example, a 7 inch long bracelet works well for a 6.5 inch wrist. If no note is left, I will make the bracelet 7 inches long. This size fits most women.
• Genuine Tiger's Eye: 4 mm natural stones
• Strong Flexible Beading Wire

Choose your clasp metal:
• Sterling Silver Clasp 
• 14K Gold Filled Clasp 

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