Mixed Metal Bracelet Set, Silver and Gold Hematite Bead Jewelry

Sterling Silver Gold Bracelet Set, Hematite Jewelry, Tiny Hill Tribe Silver Bead Bracelet

  • $ 2900

This metallic stack of bracelets features three beaded bracelets. The small gold cube beads are gold Hematite. The tiny silver nuggets are sterling Hill Tribe Silver. The faceted gray / black round stones are natural Hematite.

At checkout, choose to buy any one of the bracelets, or all three bracelets. Stacked together, these bracelets give a modern mixed metal look. Save $5 when purchasing all three bracelets!

• Wrist Measurement: Upon ordering, your bracelet will be custom made to fit you. Please measure your wrist before ordering to ensure a good fit. The average wrist measurement for women is 6.5 inches. Please indicate your wrist measurement in the drop down menu at checkout.
• Gold Hematite Beads: 3 mm cubes
• Natural Faceted Hematite: 4 mm Gray / Black faceted round stones.
• Fine Sterling Silver Beads: Hill Tribes Silver 2X2 mm faceted nuggets. Hill Tribes silver is created by hand in Thailand. These beads have a higher purity than 92.5% sterling silver. Because Hill Tribes Silver has a 95-99% purity, these products have a brighter color, and they won't tarnish as readily as sterling silver.
• Sterling Silver Clasp
• Premium Strong Flexible Beading Wire

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