pink tourmaline bracelet with hill tribe silver beads

Pink Tourmaline Bracelet | October Birthstone Jewelry | Sterling Silver & Gemstone Bead Bracelet

  • $ 6900

This Pink Tourmaline bracelet is simply pretty. The natural Pink Tourmaline stones are paired with tiny glittering Hill Tribe Silver Beads. The gemstones are a gorgeous deep pink hue. This bracelet is a timeless piece. It's perfect by itself, or you could layer it for a more dramatic look.

In metaphysical realms, people believe Tourmaline attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity. Tourmaline is also thought to be a balancing stone: balancing male and female energy within the body and transmuting negative thought patterns into positive ones.
Like many pink crystals, Pink Tourmaline is known to be a stone of love. It inspires trust in love, and encourages love of all kinds: self, platonic, romantic and familial. It's also believed to promote peace and relaxation.

• I custom make bracelets to fit you. Please leave a note at checkout with your desired bracelet length. If you're not sure of the best bracelet length, please add .5 inch to your snug wrist measurement. For example, a 7 inch long bracelet works well for a 6.5 inch wrist. If no note is left, I'll follow up via email. 

• Genuine Pink Tourmaline Stones: 3-4 mm natural Pink Tourmaline rondelles, quality B grade gemstones. Tourmaline is a birthstone for October.
• Fine Sterling Silver Beads: Hill Tribes Silver 2X2 mm nuggets. Hill Tribes silver is created by hand in Thailand. These beads have a higher purity than 92.5% sterling silver. Because Hill Tribes Silver has a 95-99% purity, these products have a brighter color, and they won't tarnish as readily as sterling silver.
• Sterling Silver Clasp
• Strong Premium Beading Wire

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