Long Turquoise Necklace, Blue Stone Multi Wrap Bracelet

Long Turquoise Necklace or Multi Wrap Stretch Bracelet, Aqua Magnesite Stone Jewelry

  • $ 4900

This versatile piece can be worn as a long necklace or as a multi wrap bracelet. This handmade jewelry features vibrant Magnesite stones with a satin finish sterling silver bead. The beads are strung on strong stretch cord, so it's easy to slip this piece on and off.

Magnesite beads are a gorgeous turquoise blue with some dark veining. Magnesite looks very similar to semi precious Turquoise stones, at a fraction of the price.

• Length: This piece is about 30 inches long. It wraps around a 6.5 inch wrist four times. It can also be worn as a long necklace.
• Wrist Measurement: Please provide your wrist measurement at checkout. The average wrist size for women is 6.5 inches, and the average wrist size for men is 7.5 inches. I'll customize the length to wrap around your wrist four times.
• Genuine Magnesite Beads: Quality B grade stones, 4 mm each
• Sterling Silver Bead: 5 mm sandblasted satin finish Sterling bead
• Clear Latex Free Stretch Cord: This cord is tied with a sturdy surgeon's knot and sealed with a dab of jeweler's glue. The knot is hidden underneath a bead.

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