Long Beaded Necklace or Multi Wrap Bracelet, Faceted Hematite Jewelry, Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp

Long Beaded Necklace or Multi Wrap Bracelet / Faceted Hematite Jewelry / Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp

  • $ 4900

This versatile piece can be worn as a long necklace or as a multi wrap bracelet. The small glittering stones are natural Hematite and gold Hematite. The mix of gold and silver beads give this piece a chic modern look. This jewelry can be dressed up or down. It's sure to complement many looks in your closet.

Hematite is known as a crystal of strength that grounds and protects the wearer. It imparts self-esteem, willpower and confidence. In metaphysical realms, it is known to dissolve negativity, restoring peace and harmony. It's also believed to be a useful stone for overcoming compulsions and addictions.

• Length: This strand is about 29 inches long. As a bracelet, it wraps around an average woman's 6.5 inch wrist four times. I can customize this piece by making it a bit longer or shorter. Please contact me with any questions. I'll get right back to you.
• Faceted Natural Hematite: 3 mm stones
• Faceted Gold Hematite: 3 mm stones
• Sterling Silver Toggle: 15 mm
• Premium Flexible Beading Wire

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