Gold turquoise bracelet, blue green magnesite bead jewelry

Gold Turquoise Bracelet, 14 K Gold Filled Jewelry, Magnesite Bead Stretch Bracelet

  • $ 3500

This double wrap stretch bracelet features vibrant Magnesite stones with a satin finish gold bead. These Magnesite beads are a gorgeous turquoise blue with some dark veining. Magnesite looks very similar to semi precious Turquoise stones, at a fraction of the price.

• Wrist Measurement: Please provide your wrist measurement at checkout. If you are in between sizes, or if you like a looser fitting bracelet, go up to the next half inch. The average wrist size for women is 6.5 inches, and the average wrist size for men is 7.5 inches.
• Genuine Magnesite Beads: Quality B grade stones, 4 mm each
• 14 K Gold Filled Bead: 5 mm satin finish gold bead
• Clear Latex Free Stretch Cord: This cord is tied with a sturdy surgeon's knot and sealed with a dab of jeweler's glue. The knot is hidden underneath a bead.

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