Shit Happens: One American's Story

Posted by Kelley Bren Burke on

Shit happens: one American's story

Shit happens. Shit happens to me, and it happens to you. This whole Trump administration is 100% proof that downright lunatic shit happens. 

I’m not a political person by nature. Nor did I think I was a patriotic American. I never knew until now that I was relying on America to be a good and decent place.

We were poor when I was young. We lived in a two bedroom “garden-level” basement apartment. We needed help: help from our Grandma, help with tuition from the Catholic schools we went to, and financial help from the government. 

When you grow up in poverty, it’s hard to shake the feeling that shit can happen. Now I see that every safety net I’ve taken for granted my whole life can be yanked away.

As an adult, I’ve worked my ass off not to need help. I’m grateful that I received healthcare from Planned Parenthood in my 20s. And since then, thank God, I haven’t needed help. 

I don’t need any American safety nets now. But I want to know that they’re there. For me, and for you, and for everyone. 

I want to believe again that America is a good and decent place.

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  • Yes, here’s to better, kinder times ahead!
    kelley on
  • Here’s hoping that trump loses the 2020 election! He’s ruining our country. An egotistical , narcissistic idiot! A total embarrassment. on
  • Here’s to hoping for better (kinder) times in 2020! :)

    Jaclyn on

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