My First Professional Photo Shoot with a Jewelry Model!

Posted by Kelley Bren Burke on

Yesterday was AMAZING! I did my first professional modeled jewelry photo shoot for Gems by Kelley.

Jewelry photo shoot ideas for modeled photography for bracelets and necklaces  

I’m so excited to get the photos back. In the meantime, I took almost 300 behind-the-scenes photos and videos like this one. If you'd like to see more, please follow along on Instagram and Facebook


When you have ALL the bracelets, sometimes you just toss them in the air like confetti and take a bunch of pictures.

WARNING: No one should attempt to re-create or reenact any stunt or activity like throwing your own bracelets on the floor. These stunts were performed by a Professional Bracelet Thrower under the supervision of a Professional Bracelet Maker (um, that’s me) 😂

Amanda Marie from Amanda Marie Studio is the photographer with lots of creative ideas. Megan is the Professional Confetti Bracelet Thrower. She did this at least five times for us. Hair and makeup by Cristina Ziemer Beauty

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  • Hi Jaclyn! Thanks for encouraging me to do a photo shoot! Can’t wait to do my next one!

    Kelley on
  • Yay! So glad you are doing photoshoots now! Very exciting :)

    Jaclyn on

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