Easy DIY Gift Idea: Make Personalized Ribbon & Paper Bookmarks for $1

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easy diy paper bookmark how to tutorial

DIY bookmarks are the perfect gift for the book lovers in your life! Custom paper bookmarks are beautiful personalized gifts for teachers, students and book clubs. Each bookmark cost about $1 to make. 

I belong to two book clubs, and they bring me such joy. I gave these printed ribbon bookmarks to the members of both book clubs.

I've been in my neighborhood book club for about two and a half years. I made this colorful word bookmark with the title of every book we've read together. We've read about 25 books so far. I love to chat about books, so feel free to ask me about any of the books on the bookmark. Most of them are nonfiction. 

personalized diy word bookmark for book lovers teachers students book clubs

The second book club I belong to is newer. This one is with booksellers I worked with at Barnes & Noble. We've met about three times, so I gave them the same bookmark I made for my neighborhood book club. Book lovers are always looking for recommendations, and we've read lots of fascinating books. Next year, I'll create two separate bookmarks for each book club. 

Here's the easy step by step tutorial: 

Designing with Canva: Free! 

I discovered Canva's free graphic design website this year. My graphic design game was instantly elated. Canva has gorgeous templates and stock photos to use. It's really intuitive and easy to use. Some Canva templates and photos are free. Most photos or templates cost $1 per use. You have 24 hours after the initial download to edit your design, so I often save multiple variations of a template to use later. 

For this project, I created a design with custom dimensions. I used a 576 X 1728 pixel template. 

canva create custom size design

Canva has lots of fonts to choose from. For this project, I used Josefin Sans 17.7 size font with three different colors. I had to play around with the font size a lot to get a uniform block of words.

You could also create a bookmark by uploading a personal photograph, or choose one of their photographs. You can search and choose from 1,000,000 photographs or graphics. Make sure you allow room at the top to hole punch if you're making ribbon bookmarks.

canva graphic design create printable paper bookmark

Printing with Vistaprint: Under $20 for 25 bookmarks

I printed my bookmarks with Vistaprint. I clicked on the Marketing Materials tab, and then I scrolled down to Bookmarks. I uploaded my Canva book title bookmark design to Vistaprint. I used the same design for both sides, but you could also use different designs on each side. 

At Vistaprint, I paid under $20 for 25 two-sided color bookmarks. With Vistaprint, the price per item usually goes down when you order larger quantities. 

Assembly with $5 Sari Silk Ribbon & a $3 Hole Punch:

I discovered Sari Silk Ribbon this year while I was browsing around EtsySari Silk Ribbon is made by women workers in India. They're allowed to take the silk remnants from the sari silk clothing they make at work. They sew the pieces end to end, creating gorgeous silk ribbons. The ribbons are soft and often vibrantly colored. The edges are a bit frayed for a beautiful organic look. 

I ordered Sari Silk Ribbon on Etsy. There's lots of options to choose from. I ordered from a shop called Slim Chicken. The ribbon was beautiful. I used about 12 inches of ribbon for each bookmark, but you could use a shorter or longer length. I couldn't resist all the gorgeous colors to choose from, so I ordered a variety of colors. I loved the True Turquoise and the Teal colors. I paid $4.95 for ten yards of ribbon, which is enough for 30 bookmarks.  

I ordered a 1/4 inch hole punch on Amazon. I ordered this one for $3.29, but any would do. I looked for a hole punch that would work for thicker paper, since the bookmarks are a thick card stock type paper. 

To assemble the bookmarks, I pulled the ribbon through the hole I punched, and then tied a simple knot to secure the ribbon. Super easy! 

Colorful handmade bookmarks with ribbon

Questions? Comments? I love them both, so please jot me a note. Also, please feel free to share this easy DIY tutorial on Pinterest or Facebook. Happy creating! 

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