From Politically Apathetic to Political Activist: How I Took Action & How You Can, Too

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I’d like to thank Donald Trump for this much: I’ve become a political activist. How I took action, and how you can, too. Lots of ideas for quick actions and resources to resist Trump.

I like watching The Bachelor waaaay more than I’d like to like The Bachelor. Like, I jumped up and squealed last Tuesday when my husband reminded me that the latest Bachelor episode was on Hulu. 

My interests are narrow and deep. I know a shit ton about the following subjects: books, selling on Etsy, dogs, happiness, The Real Housewives, meditation, habit formation, mindfulness, The Bachelor AND The Bachelorette.

My knowledge of other subjects is shockingly deficient. I’ve watched hundreds of documentaries, and I could talk about them for hours. But I’ve never seen Star Wars. Any of them. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen fewer fictional movies than anyone I’ve know. I just googled the top movies of all time, and I’ve seen one of the top 20. It was The Hunger Games. I watched it because I loved the books. 

I'm also woefully deficient in my political knowledge. I’ve been politically apathetic much of my life. I’m not proud of this, but it’s the truth. I’d like to thank Donald Trump for this much: I’ve become a political activist. He is a fear-mongering, hateful bully. I despise everything he stands for. 

I decided to take action after I saw this quote:

david slack twitter quote you're alive now what you're doing is what you would've done

I was really nervous the first time I called my Minnesota Senators. I had no clue what to say, so I used a script from The 65 about women’s reproductive rights. I copy / pasted the script onto a document, and I edited out some of the phrases so I could make my point as quickly as possible. I rehearsed the script aloud. I was like a school girl who was about to call her crush and ask him to prom, stuttering and nervous. 

I’m practiced at creating worst-case scenarios. I irrationally feared that Senator Al Franken himself would answer the phone, and then grill me to expose my lack of political knowledge. Instead, Al Franken’s staff person politely thanked me and said they would pass my feedback along.

If I can go from politically apathetic to political activist, anyone can. Many of these actions are very simple. They take seconds or minutes. Here’s what I’m doing. 


1) Follow on Facebook

2) Call Senators and Representatives

I saved the phone numbers of my Senators and Representative in my iPhone. I’m calling them several times a week to share my opinions on issues like civil liberties and reproductive rights.

I found contact information for my Senators and Representatives here, under the weekly call to action.

3) Use weekly calls to action from websites like The 65

The 65 website has weekly calls to action. They also have scripts on topics like health care, immigration and marriage equality. 

4) Protest business that do business with Donald and Ivanka Trump

The website Grab Your Wallet has an updated list of companies that do business with Donald and Ivanka Trump. There's also contact information for each company. 

5) Receive daily texts with calls to action

I'm receiving daily texts from the Daily Action organization. They suggest political actions. They also supply any needed contact information. 

6) Share your actions on Facebook

I'm sharing each action I take on this Facebook thread

Have you taken political action? Will you take action in the future? I’d love to know. 

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  • Hi Jaclyn! Thanks! That quote still resonates with me – I suspect it always will.

    kelley on
  • Great tips on how to participate and make your voice heard. I love the quote from David Slack.

    Jaclyn on

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