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Kelley Bren Burke

I opened my Etsy shop Gems by Kelley in September 2013, hoping that maybe, just maybe I could sell some of my handmade jewelry. Almost three years later, I've shipped over 2000 orders to 29 different countries. My jewelry has a greater wanderlust than I do. I live vicariously through my orders that fly off to places all around the world. Meanwhile, I love working at home with our dogs, Murphy and Gracie. I love every step of the process: from ordering beautiful stones, to making the jewelry, listing the jewelry, and shipping it off to its new home.

I'm a pragmatic person, and I've never been a dreamer. I thought dreamers were cheesy, kinda wavy-gravy-hippie-dippie, and just a little suspect. Probably because I never had a dream. This is my dream, and I'm really honored that people all over the world are buying my jewelry, and that you are reading this right now. From the bottom of my pragmatic little heart, thank you. This all means the world to me. I hope it's not too cheesy to say: Thanks for supporting my dream.

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